Cooking frozen chicken breasts in the instant pot is just about the easiest way to get dinner on the table this method results in super flavorful juicy and tender chicken breasts that you don rsquo t even have to thaw perfect for quickly cooking chicken for another recipe too check out my recipe for instant pot frozen chicken thighs too.

Pro tip you can skip the salt spices if you rsquo re planning to add seasonings dressings or sauces to your chicken breast for salads sandwiches wraps or other chicken recipes then pour in 4 cups 1l cold water in instant pot pro tip 4 cups 1l of water is not a typo we rsquo re deep poaching the chicken breast in instant pot it rsquo s crucial to ensure all your chicken breasts are at.

Photo kaila harmon apply 10 minutes on the poultry setting and begin cooking on high make sure the vent is closed during this step test kitchen tip cooking time does depend on the size of the chicken breasts if they are on the larger side or if you rsquo re cooking them as a frozen chunk we recommend adding 10 extra minutes to the cooking time to ensure they rsquo re fully cooked.

How to cook fresh or frozen chicken breast in the instant pot place inner pot into the instant pot and place the trivet in the bottom add 1 cup of liquid to the instant pot water chicken broth pineapple or apple juice place chicken breasts on top of the trivet in a single layer add salt and pepper or desired seasonings.

Instant pot chicken is the only way to get super tender chicken this fast i rsquo m happy you enjoyed this recipe using frozen chicken breast will work but you will need to add cook time one of my readers wrote that they used frozen chicken thighs with a cook time of 30 minutes.

When we cook or fry chicken in an open frying pan sometimes it does not cook inside properly but in the case of instant pot it is cooked outside as well as inside properly within a short time this is the main difference between usual deep fried chicken and instant pot fried chicken by this cooking method the inner side of the chicken is.

Instant pot turkey breast recipe ndash juicy turkey breast cooked in pressure cooker in just 35 minutes the best way to save time preparing thanksgiving dinner i serve this turkey breast with my instant pot cranberry sauce sweet corn casserole and use the leftovers to make turkey tetrazzini.

How long to cook chicken thighs in instant pot from frozen cook frozen chicken thighs and sauce or water for 15 minutes on high pressure with a quick release from thawed sear chicken thighs for 2 3 minutes on both sides then cook chicken thighs with sauce in your pressure cooker on high for 5 minutes.

This instant pot white chicken chili is an outrageously delicious dinner made in one hour with only ten minutes of prep pantry ingredients creamy and just wow your family white bean chicken chili recipe instant pot chicken and rice instant pot parmesan chicken pasta and instant pot rice and beans are other family crowd pleasers around here.