Rainy Day Poems

Rainy Day Poems is filled with poetry and nursery rhymes for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade level learners. Large print and big, colorful illustrations make it excellent for reading aloud in the homeschool, traditional, and Montessori classrooms. Introducing kids early to the unique rhythm and rhyme of different poems, increases their success with language and reading. Finding the right level of poetry book that captures and engages children’s imaginations is a great tool for early learning and encouraging success in education. “Rainy Day Poems” is a poetry book for young children that’s packed with funny poems for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. Poems that are sure to bring laughs. From the beach to the tops of mountains, there’s children’s verse for all types of adventure. Giving the gift of poetry teaches kids that a small amount of words can create vivid images and evoke a deep emotional response, as well as bring back fond memories. There are poems for all types of occasions, one for when the “Flu Flew Through”, moments on the playground, time with grandma, and even imagining what it would be like to be a spider’s breakfast. There’s poetry for the many different experiences and moods that life brings. For parents and teachers looking for funny poetry for kids, “Rainy Day Poems” is engaging for young children. Filled with both short and long poems, kids will have favorites they want to read over and over. There are themes that will encourage and inspire like, “Aim High to the Sky” and “I Wish I Were a Superhero” and poems with adventure and a little mystery like “The Bridge to Nowhere” and “A Snort and a Snore,” even traveling back in time comes to life through rhyme and exciting images. Reading and memorizing a poem a day is a great activity for public, private, and homeschool classrooms. It’s also an excellent way to celebrate Poetry Month which is the entire month of April, and a great opportunity for fitting in a poem a day. Children’s poet, James McDonald captures normal thoughts and moments of childhood and turns them into humorous, imaginative events that kids relate to. Reading poetry for young people builds an appreciation of language in the early years that can lead to a lifelong love of reading. A good poem is something people return to throughout their lives. In “Rainy Day Poems,” each poem has its own page, and the entire book is fully illustrated with pictures that complement every poem. Poems for kids to laugh, smile, and return to again and again. “Rainy Day Poems” is a favorite book before bedtime, or as an activity for homeschool learning. Excellent for making Common Core connections in the classroom when reading aloud like, rhyme recognition, memorization, and reciting. It’s a great addition to classroom and homeschool libraries. With poems for girls and boys, children will relate to the funny moments shared by a brother and sister embroiled in humorous adventures. There are poems about courage, inspiration, dogs, cats, and family. Many poems are in nursery rhyme form, making them age-appropriate for beginning readers to read aloud. Kids can experience the power of building pictures with a small number of words. Poetry is a great way to encourage a love of reading in young children. Filled with funny poems for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade kiddos.

Book Details

Book Title: Rainy Day Poems

Book Author: James McDonald

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ISBN: 0988659808