The fido key would be easier i feel because they dont have to enter anything more in the authentication login check also authlite as well www authlite com authlite 3 view this best answer in the replies below raquo.

This log entry looks to me like an attempt to login to our wse rww site that would fail without correct password and 2fa code on the password if it was particularly malformed this might have crashed authlite or lsass exe.

As i said here the only option i investigated thoroughly enough to complete a poc is the one i personally chose which is authlite most people who answered this question didnt understand the difference between putting mfa on a domain controller at log in not at all the requirement vs putting mfa on administrative access to ad and all its.

Install authlite nfc available in the app store open the authlite nfc app if you see a ready to scan pop up tap your yubikey to your iphone if you do not see a ready to scan pop up tap read otp again the ready to scan pop up will appear then tap your yubikey to your iphone.

This article explains best five free remote desktop access software which can be used for personal purpose as well as for business authlite is the most affordable solution that lets you easily use secure two factor.

During the login flow you might want to extract which group s a user is a member of and based on that information change the login flow 0 the user group gets added to the web portal ssl authentication i log into my firebox then it does its 2fa and i get a push notice in duo on my phone and pointed at an authlite.

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Vpn remote access authlite rsa cms identity access management privileged access security key.