Username only ndash with this option the exchange administrator specifies a default domain for owa logons and users in that domain can logon with username only users in other domains must still use domainusername configuring outlook web app for integrated authentication in this example the exchange server 2010 owa virtual directory is being hellip.

In most exchange server 2010 environments there will be the need to allow relaying for certain hosts devices or applications to send email via the exchange server this is common with multi function devices such as network attached printer scanners or applications such as backup software that send email reports.

On premises diagnostics for skype for business server version 1 6 2109 29001 has just been released bug fixes 1 6 2109 29001 contains several bug fixes for more details please refer to sfb opd 1 6 release notes replacement of skype for business online connector by teams powershell module new scena.

Parameter description client id required the client identifier this is provided when you register your website as a client for login with amazon maximum size of 100 bytes scope required the scope of the request must be profile profile user id postal code or some combination separated by spaces e g profile 20postal code for more information see hellip.