Napoleon and His Marshals

Napoleon Bonaparte bestrode Europe like a colossus.But what of his Marshals, who ably (or not) assisted him in his rise and fall?This classic work of military history examines the period of 1796 to 1815, from Napoleon’s victories in Italy up to the point of his defeat at Waterloo.Napoleon created twenty-six Marshals. The narrative of this book is wound around these men, their inter-personal relationships, their triumphs, their constant bickering and their eventual failure. With Marshal jostling with Marshal for power and influence, A. G. Macdonell's stylish account is as much a study of human drama as it is a work of military history.For fans of Andrew Roberts, Bernard Cornwell and Simon Sebag Montefiore.A. G. Macdonell was a Scottish writer and journalist. His most famous book was England, Their England.

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Book Title: Napoleon and His Marshals

Book Author: A. G. Macdonell

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